The NZ USAR Search Dog Association is an Incorportated Society.


The Association has a Management Committee chosen from its members with a President taking the lead role.An Association Coordinator runs the USAR SDA day to day and it is the first point of contact for enquiries.Please see the Committee and Contacts section.


We welcome applications for membership from anyone interested in training and use of USAR Search Dogs. We have two types of membership:


Associate membership - this is for anyone interested in what we are doing.They receive regular updates about  USAR SDA activities and PawPrint- the USAR SDA newsletter.


Full Membership - Full members have voting rights and an active input into the workings of the USAR SDA. Full members are required to have completed a basic Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) course (CAT1A) and hold the appropriate unit standard (18516).


For both types of membership contact us with your request, once received it will be forwarded to the Management Committee for consideration.

Contact Us

See what we have been upto on our Facebook page, or email us through our contact form

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NZ USAR Search Dog Association


Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Search Dogs are unique and incredibly valuable as a resource in the location of people trapped following the collapse of structures. The fast and effective location of trapped victims increases their chances of rescue and recovery. 

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NZ USAR Search Dog Association


USAR Search Dog handlers in New Zealand are all volunteers. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, from firefighters to computer programmers. What they share is basic fitness, the ability to work in a team, the desire to serve the wider community and a dedication to the development of USAR Search Dogs.

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